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    Jewelry is an amazing way to benefit from the ancient innate energies of crystals and stones, but you need to be mindful of what type you wear where, because each thing is going  to be in an area govered by a specific Master Chakra withing the physical body.

    Because of this, you should choose which stone type you place where carefully. 

    This is one of the many things covered in the Intro to Body Alchemy - wearing, carrying, and sleeping with crystals and stones masterclass, which is one of the 20  masterclass options you can choose from to get free lifetime access to with any $100 or more purchase in one order from any of our jewelry collections.

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    The only stone types that are okay to wear anywhere on your body for everyone are Core Universal Master Stones of the Auric Field.

    You can also wear your personal Soul Level, Lifetime Level, or Karmic Gifts & Grace Powerstone types anywhere. If you would like readings for those, you can find them here.


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